Bluepeter being a diversified group has a wide spread of customer bases both nationally and internationally. It takes pride in its long relationship with each of them. Horizon being its flagship company has most of the major prestigious players but other companies in BPG also have star players up their sleeves.

Horizon Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd

M/s Horizon has some of the big giants in automobile manufacturing as its customer both as 1st tier or 2nd tier OEM sheet metal component / assembly supplier. It is 1st tier to some of the major players like M/s Maruti-Suzuki, M/s Honda (India & UK), M/s Sonalika, M/s Hindustan Motors - Mitsubishi. Horizon is 2nd tier to some of big players like GM through companies M/s Delphi (India & South Africa), M/s TRICO.

Horizon is proud of its association with GM for that was the start of its venture into jack assemblies. Subsequently it also started supplying mechanical jacks to M/s Maruti.

Horizon also developed its association with electronic industry when Sony came to India. It supplied it sheetmetal components like Heat Sink, etc.

Horizon customers' also include its progressive press dies / tools buyers from the European & Domestic automotive industry. Some big names include Volkswagen, Benteller, Olas, Climate Systems-Visteon Group.

Other customers that Horizon is proud of having with it belong to Hardware Industry and Boutique Furniture Industry, both from Europe; some of them being Wimbock, Werner, Lehman, Eurotherm.

Eurotech Automation

M/s Eurotech Automation a trading unit of BPG, has privilege of representing some of the big names in India. For its Central Heating Systems, it takes pride in saying to have provided the system at one of the highest points of the world, which is in Leh and a military base. Its customer ranges from Kashmir to Shimla and Hotels to Houses. It also is blessed by the great Lord itself by providing opportunities of installing Central Heating Systems in places like Ramakrishna Mission in Kashmir.

Quality Plus Services Pvt. Ltd.

M/s Quality Plus Has few stars up its sleeves too. Some of them being Yamaha Motors India Clusters, Maruti Udyog Ltd. - Gurgaon, Krishna Maruti - Gurgaon, Hindustan Motors (Mitsubishi) - Indore, D.K. Textile - Thailand, Visteon - South Africa.

Bruk Electrical Products Pvt. Ltd.

M/s Bruk has been associated with Yamaha Motors India for its saddle / seat assemblies and single source for its export model.